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Crappie Fishing Season Tips

Crappie Fishing Season Tips

One of the reasons why crappie is so popular is that it does not matter when you fish for it. You will surely be able to catch crappie in all seasons. You do need to make a number of changes though. Also, some crappie fishing seasons are more profitable than others. Even if the approach can be different from one person to the other, some tips can really help out much.



Most individuals agree to the fact that one of the best possible crappie fishing season has to be considered fall. The reason is that crappie starts preparing for winter. This means that you can catch crappie with basically any equipment in a lot of locations. When this fish will start to migrate and feed you will be able to easily reel it in easily. The only problem is that you will need to be prepared for temperatures that are deceiving.


Winter crappie fishing stands out as extremely popular. This is mainly because the crappie is one fish that can also be caught quite easily during this season. Few people can enjoy to fish in cold weathers. We can say that you basically need to love fishing and not care about temperatures if you are to be successful. There are changes that need to be done in your fishing style too. The motor of a boat (which is necessary) has to always be turned off. You have to be quite and use at times electronic devices. Winter is one crappie fishing season that can be difficult for a lot of people although catching other fish is more difficult.



Spring is when most crappie fishermen are going to start their fishing sessions. This is definitely because we are faced with warmer temperatures. The only problem is that the crappie has a difficult temperament during this season. You have to do some research in order to see how it wil behave where you are fishing. Good news comes from the weather as it is mostly great and you will not have any problem in changing fishing locations. We can not compare it with summer but if you catch a good day you will love it.


As we are sure you imagined, the season with the biggest popularity in crappie fishing is summer. While Autumn is the best, summer can also bring in a lot of good results. Whenever the weather is really hot you can catch a lot of crappie. We recommend changing the line once every three days to get better results.

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